Delhi Election Exit Poll Results: Kejriwal-led AAP to come back to power in Capital, surveys predict

Arvind Kejriwal

Exit polls released after voting to the 70-member Delhi Assembly concluded today have given the lead to Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP and suggested that the BJP will be a distant second in the race to the throne.

Times Now-IPSOS exit poll at 7.10 pm

AAP: 47
BJP: 23
Congress: 0
Others: 0

TV9 Bharatvarsh-Cicero exit poll

AAP: 54
BJP: 15
Congress: 1
Others: 0

Sudarshan News exit poll

AAP: 40-45
BJP: 24-28
Congress: 2-3 seats

Note: It is to be noted that these are early exit poll numbers and could change as the day progresses based on total voter turnout across Delhi and in various constituencies.

VDP Associates exit poll has released the seat share and the vote share:

Vote share projection

AAP: 48%
BJP: 40%
Congress: 6%
Others: 6%

Seat share forecast

AAP: 44-52
BJP: 18-26

3 key takeaways from the exit polls so far | There are three key takeaways from the exit polls that have been released so far: AAP is set to retain the national capital but with lesser number of seats as compared to 2015.

BJP is expected to improve its tally from 2015, however, it could fail to reach the majority mark. Congress is being predicted to win 0-4 seats. It had failed to win any last time. However, it is to be noted that these are early exit poll numbers and may change.

NewsX-Neta exit poll has suggested that AAP could win 53-57 seats. BJP is predicted to win 11-17 seats. Congress could win 0-2 seats. Other parties are predicted to not win any seat, according to the survey.

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