Delhi: Doctors at Hindu Rao Hospital on strike over attack

New Delhi, July 1: Resident doctors of Hindu Rao Hospital in the national capital went on strike Sunday and will continue the strike Monday, alleging that attendants of a patient assaulted a doctor on Saturday. Doctors say that only emergency services will be operational.

Police have registered an institutional FIR against unknown persons as doctors did not know the names of the patient’s attendants.

Dr Abhishek Bhatia said, ” As long as this happens we won’t do any work. Only emergency services and nothing else will be operational. A doctor was thrashed and injured here last night. Patient wasn’t in a good condition, everything was explained, even then 10-15 people came and thrashed doctor .”

Dr Piyush Singh, acting president of the Resident Doctors’ Association at the hospital, said a patient with stage V chronic renal failure came to the emergency room around 11.30 am.

“The patient…was gasping for breath and had very poor vitals. She had been recommended dialysis thrice a week but had not been following directions. The attending doctor explained her condition to the attendants. She was declared dead soon. The attendants became violent when the doctor was signing the death certificate and the attending doctor was beaten up.

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