Delhi boy becomes ‘world’s heaviest teen’ to undergo weight-loss surgery

New Delhi, July 7: Once known to be the ‘world’s heaviest teen’, Mihir Jain, a resident of Uttam Nagar in West Delhi, successfully underwent a gastric bypass surgery.

Weighing a staggering 237 kg, Mihir said he feared death when he was admitted to a Delhi’s Saket hospital.

heaviest teen Mihir jain

“He came to me in a wheelchair in December 2017, weighing approximately 240 kg. He was in a very bad condition at that time. He could barely stand, and he showed all extreme signs of obesity. We were not sure if the surgery could be performed,” Dr B. Chowbey, the chief doctor overlooking the operation, told news agency ANI.

Body Mass Index (BMI) is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height and is universally expressed in units of kg/m2.

While a body mass index (BMI) of 32.5 is considered to be a sign of obesity, Mihir’s BMI was recorded at 92 at the age of 14.

“I first realised about my condition when I was 6 years old. My classroom was located on the upper floors, so I became breathless while climbing the steps. My weight was approximately 60 kg at that time. I tried a lot of things, including medicine and diet, with no effect. So I left everything and my weight increased so much I was unable to give my final exams last year,” he said.

Mihir further noted that the decision to undergo surgery was taken after he was diagnosed with diabetes at 14.

At first, doctors were not confident to go through the bariatric operation. But the motivation of Mihir and his family support propelled the doctors to prepare him for operation. Mihir was thus put through a very low-calorie diet and reduced significant weight.

“By April, we were highly optimistic about his condition and prepared him for anaesthesia,” added Dr Chowbey.
Mihir underwent a successful surgery recently and his weight has now reduced from 237 kg to 165 kg.

“We hope, in 15-18 months, that his weight will drop below 100 kg and he should be starting school very soon,” Dr Chowbey said.

Mihir’s parents first sought doctors’ help 8 years ago but were told that he was too young to undergo surgery then. Mihir wasn’t born this heavy, his mother, Puja Jain, said. He was born a normal baby who weighed 2.5 kg but eventually gained a huge amount of weight. Since most family members weigh on the heavier side, they didn’t realise the graveness of the situation and only realised it later when the boy weighed around 70-80 kgs when he turned five.

Meanwhile, the 14-year-old has now begun exercising and is looking forward to the day when he becomes a “normal weight” person, and can return to school.


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