Deir ez-Zor Attack:Syrian Army kills 60 ISIS Militants

The Syrian Army launched an operation against a town held by Islamic State group  in Deir ez-Zor , killing 60 ISIS militants.Steadily, syrian army is gaining ground  and IS is losing control of its captured territories .

In a planned and systematic operation the military units attacked IS positions in the town of Jnaineh, two kilometers west of Deir al-Zour.

Syria uprising started in 2011 and on February 27, a ceasefire brokered by Russia and the United States took effect in the country.

It added that the military units also foiled an attack by the IS on government-controlled parts in that oil-rich province,
killing dozens of them, including the commander who was leading the attack.

The IS controls much of the countryside of Deir al-Zour province, except the city, which is still under the government control, but besieged by the IS.


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