Defence Ministry’s note confirms PM Modi’s involvement in Rafale: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

Bhopal, Feb 8 : As Congress President kicked off party’s campaign for the Lok Sabha election in Madhya Pradesh with a farmers’rally, Rahul Gandhi said that Defence ministry statement has confirmed that Prime Minister Narendra Modi is telling lies and therefore ‘chowkidaar chor hai’.

Gandhi said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi made the Rafale aircraft deal directly with the French government without informing our Defence Ministry.”

“Every official in the defence ministry says ‘chowkidaar chor hai’…. Yesterday in the Parliament, PM comes and speaks for 1 hour and 45 minutes. He didn’t speak on Rafale even for a minute”: Rahul Gandhi

The investigative report by English daily The Hindu, which has accessed a defence ministry note that conclusively establishes the PMO was involved in the deal and it makes the Supreme Court judgment on Rafale questionable since “information was withheld from the court,” Gandhi said.

The internal note dated November 24, 2015, said the position of the PM’s Office was “contradictory to the stand taken by MoD (Ministry of Defence) and the negotiating team” . It is “desirable” that such discussions be avoided by the PMO “as it undermines our negotiating position seriously,” the note added.

“I’ve understood that you can made Narendra Modi do anything by making him scared,” Gandhi said at farmers’ rally.

“BJP lawmakers clapped when PM Modi announced Rs 17 for farmers.. On one hand, Modi government wrote off Rs 3.50 lakh crore debt of rich people but gives a paltry Rs 17 per day to farmers. And if you divide it further, it comes down to Rs 3.5 per person”, Rahul Gandhi.

He said the Congress party won the election and everyone said it is Congress government but it is also a government of the youth, women, poor and farmers.

“You are the master, the masters are youth and farmers: Public is the master… our work is to listen to you.We are not the kind of people who think I’ve done this, I’ve done that,Your strength has made the Congress win and removed the loans on farmers,” Gandhi said at MP rally.

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