Deepti Naval hopes Covid vaccine comes without side effects

Deepti Naval

Mumbai, Jan 4 : Actress Deepti Naval is apprehensive about the possible side effects of the forthcoming Covid vaccine. At the same time, she wants the vaccine to reach people across all strata of society, especially those who cannot afford to buy it.

“I hope whatever vaccine they are saying is going to be available, that should not have any side effect. Also, if it is good, then it should be available to everyone. People who cannot afford to buy should have access to it, so that they can get back to a normal life,” Naval told IANS.

“I hope people come back wiser, and everyone gets a chance to realise that you are running after things that are really not significant, and the crux of the whole thing is to just be a better human being and not carry hatred and animosity. Amid all the man-made chaos in the world, I hope when people come out of the pandemic they come out wiser, mature and more tolerant of each other, and a little closer to humanity,” she added.

Naval features in the new web series Criminal Justice:

Behind Closed Doors. How was the experience of shooting amid the pandemic? “We had almost finished with the series, maybe a few more days were left but there was such panic everywhere in the world and so we had to stop,” she recalled.

“Then there was a big gap, and so much scepticism about what should we do and how. Actors don’t have the luxury to keep the mask on all the time, so we are the most vulnerable. If you go for a shoot as an actor, you have to be without the mask on the set. Otherwise, it was well organised by the unit and they took a lot of care,” Naval added.

Summing up the year 2020 for herself, the actress concluded:

Professionally I would say it has been a bit of a downer due to the pandemic, as one is not really able to go out to work with a relaxed mind. It has been very chaotic but I was working on my book, and I did get to do a lot of work on it during the pandemic because I was at home. I am almost at the end of it now. That was the one good thing I did.”

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