Decor trends for kids’ birthday parties in summer

Hawaiian theme

New Delhi, May 17: If you are planning for your child’s birthday party, there are a number of themes that you could opt for. Water-themed parties and superhero themes are great to keep the children involved and keep their fun quotient high, say experts.

Ritika Nangia, founder of e-commerce portal and Arppit Maheshwari, Founder at Wanna Party (company engaged in the manufacture, supply of birthday accessories) have suggested trending birthday party themes:

* Pool party theme: pool party

For this theme, children can be invited in their swimwear. Get some decor supplies like paper lanterns, balloon arches, colourful streamers, beach balls, pool-themed party plates and string decorations.

* Beach party theme: beach party

Sun, sand and surf take you to the beach as you put up some amazing beach party themed decor and let the children have some beach fun.

Some of the décor accessories like tropical themed centrepieces, palm tree cutouts or hanging decorations, fun and colourful table covers, mermaid themed photo booths and more such accessories would be ideal.

* Hawaiian theme: Hawaiian theme

Get accessories like colourful lei streamers, lei tiaras, lei garlands, feathered boas, sarong or hula skirts, tiki lanterns, tiki masks, Hawaii themed hats and sarong skirts, pineapple themed lanterns and turn your party into a lazy Hawaiian island.

* Under the Sea theme: Under the Sea theme

Get some green streamers to create seaweed wall decor, shark, octopus or other sea creature shaped props for photo ops, theme matched paper plates, flags, banners, string decor, posters and masks. These accessories will bring the aquatic world alive and make for a happening party.

* Avengers: avenger party theme

Super hero world is a hot theme for children parties at the moment. Avengers themed balloons, banners, posters, party hats, masks, cake candles, return gifts and party bags are a great way in making the theme of avengers come alive in your party.

* Minions: Minions

The banana loving mini stars of the animation world is an amazing theme for a summer party. Minions paper garlands, crowns, party bags, party plates, glasses, balloons, flag banners, swirl decorations, minion themed eyeglasses, candles and party hats would make the minion wonderland a reality for children.

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