December 16: Four years on…Nirbhaya awaits justice!

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New Delhi, December 16: Today is December 16, the fourth anniversary of Nirbhaya rape case. It was a night of horrendous struggle and encounter that not only took over life of a 23 year old paramedical student but also exposed bitter socio economic threats that cripple our life.

On the chilling night of December in 2012, a young girl was brutally beaten and gang raped in a moving bus while returning home with a male friend after watching a movie. Thirteen days later she succumbed to her internal injuries on December 29 at the hospital in Singapore.

The horrific case of human apathy left the whole nation gasping for justice. Thousands marched with candles to protest against the case; the state was rebuked for immediate justice; government extended best medical support for the victim; arrests were made…and four years on JUSTICE AWAITS!

The final verdict is still pending in the Supreme Court.

On December 3 the apex court said: The prosecution story lacks in evidence to show that the petitioners/accused were in conspiratorial relationship with each member, which would have made them to reasonably foresee the plan of merry-making turning into an offense of murder.

Bolstering ego and lust by merry making, when turns into taking over other gender WE largely fail as a society! The vast number of pending cases against women, evidently show that NIRBHAYA Tragedy failed to improve the ground situation in the capital.

Delhi reigns as a rape capital even today. Until 15 September 2016, 1,557 cases of rape and 3,876 of molestation has been registered with Delhi police so far. On an average 14 molestation cases are reported every day, this year in the capital.

If we look at global crime performance, Delhi is the fourth-most dangerous city for women to use public transport as most verbal spates while traveling are reported here. It is the second-worst in safety at night according to a recent poll by Thomson Reuters Foundation.

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