Dead bodies found buried in sand near river Ganga in UP’s Unnao

Death Bodies in Sand

New Delhi: Just days after bodies were found floating in the river Ganga in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, similar sightings are now being reported in UP’s Unnao district.

Several bodies were reportedly seen buried in the sand near the river bank in Unnao’s Buksar village. The bodies were found to be in various stages of decay, some even mauled by stray dogs.

There is no confirmation yet whether the bodies were buried there or floated to the banks from nearby areas. Given the condition of the bodies, it is likely that they were buried in the sand.

According to the District Magistrate of Unnao, Buksar is a major cremation spot for three districts- Fatehpur, Rai Bareily and Unnao. While some people burn the bodies, others bury the bodies in the sand by the river.

As the death toll continues to climb due to Covid-19, funeral pyres have been built along river banks in Unnao. But with the crematoriums running out of space and woods for funeral pyre, bodies are now reportedly being buried in the sand along banks of the river Ganga.

While there has been no confirmation whether the deceased whose bodies have been found were tested for Covid-19, the report has led to widespread fear among residents of nearby villages.

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