Dawood Ibrahim’s finance manager Jabir Moti arrested in London

London, Aug 19 :Dawood Ibrahim’s finance manager and right-hand man Jabir Moti has been arrested by UK security agencies in London. Jabir Siddiq alias Jabir Moti is a Pakistani National and handles D-Company finances in UK, UAE and other countries.

The London police arrested Jabir Moti from the Hilton Hotel. Moti is a key figure in the Dawood syndicate and managed Dawood’s wife Mahajabeen and his family investments in the Middle East, UK, Europe, Africa, South East Asia and Pakistan . He was also instrumental in moving money of the syndicate and the agencies suspect that the same funds were used for drug smuggling ,  terrorism.As many terror groups are being funded by Dawood ,as per the sources.

Jabir Siddiq alias Jabir Moti, a close confidant of Dawood Ibrahim and has been detained by the UK security agencies. The investigators are expected to question him on his association with Dawood, his family members and his henchmen.
Moti holds a 10-year UK visa and is a permanent resident of Hungary.The arrest was made when Moti was planning to move out of the UK.Jabir was planning to move Dawood Ibrahim’s family to the UK. He himself owns property in the residential compound owned by Dawood’s family in Karachi. He is also a citizen of Antigua and Dominican Republic, the media report added. His passport states that he is a resident of Karachi and is 48 years old.

The detention of Jabir Moti in the UK is expected to yield crucial information on the activities of the D Company members in the UK but London security agencies are likely to keep secrets under wraps.

Dawood masterminded the blasts in Mumbai 1993 in which 12 bombs went off at different locations across Mumbai killing 257 and leaving over 700 injured. Listed as a global terrorist by a committee of the UN Security Council, Dawood continues to evade arrest and stay in Pakistan
His aides, including Tiger Memon, Yakub Memon and gangster Abu Salem, who escaped after the blasts, have been tried and convicted in the case. Yakub Memon was hanged to death and Abu Salem is serving a life sentence.

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