Dad in hospital with cancer, can’t stand in queue for cash, girl asks PM Modi for help

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AGRA, 29 Nov: Failing to withdraw money for her ailing father, a 25-year-old woman from Agra has finally took to her twitter account and asked the  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and UP chief minister Akhilesh Yadav to help her to bring out from the critical situation.

She expressed her inability to stand in serpentine bank queues, leaving her cancer-stricken dad alone at home.

As Juhi Prakash’s father Nitya Prakash aged 52, was diagnosed with oral cancer. Juhi said that she is already battling financial crisis for the past three months, but unending queues at banks after demonetisation have made it virtually impossible for her to withdraw money to buy medicines.”I cannot leave my ailing father at home and stand for hours in queues. I am the only one in the family taking care of my sick father. My mother passed away three years back”, she said.


Juhi stated that though she has two brothers but as one is very sick and is taking at an ashram in Haridwar. The other is working with a private firm. “But he has to work as we need his salary to run the house. My mother, too, died due to cancer and I don’t want to lose my father.” She said her father was in the shoe business and was doing very well. However, things changed after her mother was diagnosed with cancer and a lot of money was spent on her treatment.

“We were reduced to zero balance account holders,” Juhi said, adding that her father’s savings were in his account but she was unable to withdraw money from it. She said though she didn’t have enough money for her father’s surgery, they can afford medicines worth Rs 6,000-7,000 per month.

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