Cyber crime frauds amounting Rs. 22449.93 Lakhs recorded post demonetisation, Govt. replies to Kapil Sibal

online fraud
online fraud

Congress Rajya Sabha member Kapil Sibal in Winter session of Parliament asked about the increased number of cybercrime frauds after the period of demonetisation. The senior Congress leader also sought answers on Government’s plan to tackle with these kinds of frauds.

Meanwhile answering his questions the Ministry of electronics and information technology stated that a total no. of 33,120 cases of online frauds has been registered which are related to ATM/ Credit/ Debit cards and net banking during the period beginning quarter ended September 2016 up to Dec 21, 2017. Whereas the amount involved in these crimes is almost Rs. 22449.93 Lakhs.

Reply by Ministry
Reply by Ministry

Answering his question on government’s effort to deal with these frauds, the ministry informed that Reserve Bank of India (RBI) & the various Ministries/Departments of the Government review the cyber security developments and threats on an ongoing basis and take measures as necessary in order to strengthen cyber resilience.

In the answers provided by the ministry, it can be seen that with an increase in online transactions the online frauds are also increasing rapidly. The BJP ruled Maharashtra is on the top list of online frauds with a total no. 380 cases between 2016 to 2017. Surprisingly the second place with maximum frauds is also reserved by BJP as Haryana recorded 238 cases of online frauds between 2016-17. The capital (Delhi) is also an easy target for online frauds, between 2014-15 the no. of frauds recorded were 35 which further increased to 74 in 2015-16 and in the period of 2016-17 which also involves the period of demonetisation it has increased to 156.

Reply on particular state data

Ministry of electronics and information technology also informed that National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) maintains data for cyber crimes. NCRB has informed that they do not maintain data for cyber crimes/frauds in online transactions.


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