Current Currency giving shock after Demonetisation

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By Armaan Amrohvi

20 days after the Tuhghlaki Farman (Dictatorial Order) there is a big surprise that the new 500 note has two variants. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) says that due to rush in the printing this error has been carried! Just introspect that the currency is face value of the nation and under BJP governance same are being wrongly printed, is it not an insult to the nation!

Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna (PMJDY) was launched on 28 August 2014, advocating that the new accounts can be zero balance. Some amount was deposited in these accounts with the gimmick of providing free insurance to the account holder at the minimal premium. These accounts suddenly swelled with the cash deposit worth of Rs.66,636 crores (Rs.666360 million) after the announcement of demonetisation. There is no mechanism to cross-check these accounts under the PMJDY scheme! In the month of May, the RBI has communicated to the government that PMJDY will be used by miscreants to convert their illegal wealth, which has now come to be true.

In these 20 days, there have been more than 100 directions from PMO, RBI and Finance Ministry which has been giving shocks to the people; which is indicative that there is no direction behind this sudden decision of Modi. No one is estimating the loss which the nation is incurring on daily basis when people are mostly standing in the queues to exchange their respective currency. No politician, celebrity, etc are to be seen in the queues, but the common Indian. The toll charges all across the country were exempted till 24 November but the time has been increased till 2 December 2016. Lately, the new direction has been announced that the toll collection could be done in Rs.500 (already discontinued as Legal Tender). There is a huge loss to the exchequer but who is bothered till the ego is being satisfied, no matter the cost of the life of common people or insult to the nation.

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Demonetisation of Modi is one scheme that has divided the nation into fragments. Female can deposit Rs.2.5 Lakhs (0.25 Million) in their accounts. The farmers can deposit and purchase the material for agriculture with the disowned legal tenders (Rs.1000 and Rs.500 notes) and withdraw Rs.25,000 on the weekly basis whereas others can only withdraw Rs. 24,000 per week. The small businessman can withdraw Rs. 50,000 from his current account, but there is no discloser for the big business houses. One can buy anything or pay the bill with old currency, but it should be done in rounded figures in the multiplication of 500, buy petrol not less than Rs.500, recharge mobile least for Rs.500. People are in rage standing in the queues to get their money exchanged. They are picking up fights with the bank employs at many places. Bank employs are concerned about their security. Wait for the salary day in the month of December which will be more violent when the people will not get their salaries as the currency is falling short to be dispersed.

Modi when came to power called for giving up subsidy on LPG but to promote his self-motivated scheme of Swachh Bharat Mission he has himself given the subsidy of Rs.4000 to the person who was planning to build the toilet at his home. All said and done, the government is doing whatever it is thinking to be right, with the slightest idea about the voters.

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In the following days, the Modi Bhakts will be spreading rumours that the opposition has given the country loss by not making the Parliament work. And this will be termed as HUGE LOSS.
Let’s now get to know the calculations of Parliament during the session just for one amount which is utilised during the session only:

10 days have passed since the Winter Session of the Parliament has started. In India Member of Parliament is getting an allowance of Rs.2000 per day during the Parliamentary sitting. Simple calculations are here:

Lok Sabha (Lower House) has 545 Members: 545 x Rs.2000= Rs. 10,90,000 per day.
Now multiply Rs.10,90,000 x 10 days= Rs. 1,09,00,000.

Rajya Sabha (Upper House) has 245 Members: 245 x Rs.2000= Rs. 4,90,000 per day.
Now multiply Rs.4,90,000 x 10 days= Rs. 49,00,000.

Total loss in ten days is Rs. 1,09,00,000 x 49,00,000= Rs.1,58,00,000 (Rs.1.58 crores)

It will be bragged that the opposition is responsible for generating this loss! Mind it there would not have been any problem if Modi would have come to the Parliament and given his explanation regarding demonetisation. But if all will end, what will the government have to keep their voice amongst the people, nothing; as they have nothing than to fool the people of India.

Disclaimer: These views are solely of the author.

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