Currency ban: locals attack ration shop

MP locals

Madhya Pardesh, Novermber 12: In a yet another incidence of public disarray post currency ban, locals attacked a ration shop in Madhya Pradesh on Saturday afternoon after being refused the supplies due to shortage of low denomination currency notes.

As already anguished locals in Chattarpur area of Madhya Pradesh were waiting in queue outside the ration shop were refused the ration, the mob got agitated and sparked a clash. The ban has severely affected the purchasing power of people and facing difficulties in a day to day activities and healthcare is now frustrating the general public.

The Modi government’s sudden ban of Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes is being criticised heavily across the nation as the government’s preparedness to meet the econmic emergency is also being questioned. On Friday, only 40 % ATMs were operational while rural India is still far away the banks’ reach.

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