CSIR develops protective suit for healthcare workers


New Delhi, April 18 (IANS) The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) constituent lab in Bengaluru has developed and certified overall protective coverall suit for protection of healthcare workers against COVID-19.

The polyproplylene spun laminated multi-layered non-woven fabric based coverall has been developed by CSIR-National Aerospace Laboratories (CSIR-NAL), along with MAF Clothing Pvt. Ltd.

The overall protective coverall suit can be used to ensure the safety of Doctors, Nurses, Paramedical staff and Health Care workers working round the clock on COVID-19 mitigation.

CSIR-NAL team has also found success in identifying suitable indigenous materials and innovative manufacturing processes for the suit.

“The Coveralls have gone through stringent testing at SITRA, Coimbatore and have been qualified for use. CSIR-NAL and MAF have plans to augment the production capacity to about 30,000 units per day within four weeks’ time,” the ministry of science and technology said.

Jitendra J Jadhav, Director, CSIR-NAL claimed that the major advantages of these Coveralls are that they are highly competitive in price as compared to other manufacturers and the import content is negligible.

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