Cow-related attacks increased in Modi Raj, 28 killed

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June 29, Thursday : Cow-related attacks has been speedily increased since Narendra Modi led government came into the power.

As per IndiaSpend content analysis of the English media, 28 Indians lost their life out of which 24 were Muslim. While as many as 124 were injured in 63 incidents.

Interestingly, out of 63 bovine instances, 32 of 63 cases i.e. around 97 per cent cow-related attacks were reported from states ruled by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).

Report also revealed that more than half of these attacks were based on speculations.

The cow related  attacks included mob lynching, attacks by vigilantes (gaurakshaks), murder and attempt to murder, harassment, assault and so on.

IndiaSpend’s database is the first such statistical perspective which studied on cow related violence , as National or state crime data includes these attacks in general crime.

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