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Covid19: Sonia Gandhi has 5 suggestions for PM Modi

She also targeted the PM CARES-fund and demanded that all money under ‘PM Cares’ fund should be transferred to ‘Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund’ (PM-NRF).



Sonia Gandhi in Cong meeting

New Delhi, April 7 : A day after her telephonic conversation with the Prime Minister on the fight against Covid-19, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi suggesting five measures to curb government “expenditure” and to divert money in fighting the deadly virus.

Sonia Gandhi has 5 suggestions for PM Modi #Covid19

🔴 Suspend all govt, PSU ads

🔴 Suspend Central Vista project

🔴 30% reduction in Expenditure Budget (not salaries) to use as economic safety net

🔴 Put all foreign visits on hold

🔴 Transfer money from PM CARES to PMNRF

Sonia Gandhi in her letter suggested to Scrap Central Vista project of approximately Rs 20000 crore, suspension of government advertisements and foreign visits of ministers and other dignitaries, and asked to divert the money to PMNRF from PM-CARES fund.

Sonia Gandhi in her letter wrote to convey her support to the decision taken by the Union Cabinet to reduce salaries for Members of Parliament by 30 per cent. Austerity measures which can be used to divert much needed funds to the fight against Covid-19 are the need of the hour, she said.

“In this spirit, I am writing to offer five concrete suggestions. I am certain you will find value in them.”

The first suggestion Sonia Gandhi made was to impose a complete ban on media advertisements – television, print and online – by the Government and Public Sectors Undertakings (PSUs) for a period of two years.

“The only exceptions should be advisories for Covid-19 or for issues relating to public health. Given that the Central Government currently spends an average of Rs 1250 crore per year on media advertisements (not including an equal or greater amount spent by PSUs and Government companies), this will free up a substantial amount to alleviate the economic and social impacts of Covid-19.” wrote Sonia Gandhi

The Congress President suggested to suspend Rs 20,000 crore ‘Central Vista’ beautification and construction project forthwith. “At a time like this, such an outlay seems self-indulgent to say the least. I am certain that Parliament can function comfortably within the existing historical building and this sum could instead be allocated towards constructing new hospital infrastructure and diagnostics along with equipping our frontline workers with Personal Protection Equipment (PPEs) and better facilities.”

Proportionate reduction of 30 per cent in the expenditure budget (other than Salaries, Pensions and Central Sector Schemes) should be done for the Government of India as well. This 30 per cent (i.e. Rs 2.5 lakh crore per year approximately) can then be allocated towards establishing an economic safety net for migrant workers, labourers, farmers, MSMEs and those in the unorganised sector, wrote Sonia Gandhi

“All foreign visits including that of the President, the Prime Minister, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, State Ministers and Bureaucrats must be put on hold in a similar fashion,” she said.

The Exceptions can be made in case of special emergency or exigencies in national interest to be cleared by the PM. This amount (which is around Rs 393 crore for just the Prime Minister and Union Cabinet’s trips in the last five years) can be utilised extensively in measures to combat Covid-19, Sonia Gandhi added.

She also targeted the PM CARES-fund and demanded that all money under ‘PM Cares’ fund should be transferred to ‘Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund’ (PM-NRF).

“This will ensure efficiency, transparency, accountability and audit in the manner in which these funds are allocated and spent. It seems like a waste of effort and resources to have and create two separate silos for the distribution of funds. I understand that Rs 3800 crore approximately are lying unutilised in the PM-NRF (at the end of FY2019). These funds, plus the amount in ‘PM-Cares’, can be utilised to ensure an immediate food security net for those at the very margins of society.” wrote Sonia Gandhi.

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Maharashtra Covid-19 cases cross 70K with 76 more deaths




Patients infected with the novel coronavirus

Mumbai, June 1 : The number of Covid-19 cases shot above the 70,000-mark in Maharashtra on Monday even as the state notched a fresh death toll of 76, down by 40 from the highest 116 deaths recorded on May 29, health officials said.

In a major development, Thane district with 9,941 cases has become the second worst-hit in the state, overtaking Pune district”s tally of 8,045 cases.

Monday”s toll includes a whopping 60 deaths in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region alone — the worst-hit in the country. The state reported 2,361 new cases on Monday.

This comes to roughly one death every 19 minutes, and an average 98 new cases notched every hour in the state.

Maharashtra has been recording 75-plus fatalities and over 2K new patients daily for the past one week, with the previous highest figures of 3,041 infections notched on May 24.

With 76 fatalities, the state”s death toll has touched 2,362 while the total number of coronavirus patients increased from Sunday”s 67,655 to 70,013 on Monday.

The health department said that of the total number of cases declared till date, 37,534 were ”active cases”, increasing by 1,503 over Sunday”s 36,031.

The state recorded a recovery rate of 43 per cent while the mortality (death) rate remained unchanged at 3.37 per cent.

In the past three months, the state has built an impressive rate of recoveries from March 31 (12.91 per cent) to April 30 (16.88 per cent) to May 31 (43.35 per cent).

Of the total 76 fatalities on Monday, 40 were recorded in Mumbai alone, taking the city”s death toll up from Sunday”s 1,279 to 1,319 now, while the number of Covid-19 positive patients here shot up by 1,413 cases to touch 41,099.

Besides Mumbai”s 40 deaths, there were 15 fatalities in Thane (Navi Mumbai, Thane, Kalyan-Dombivali, Mira-Bhayander), 9 in Pune, 3 each in Palghar and Aurangabad, 2 in Raigad, and one each in Nashik, Jalna, Beed and Nagpur.

The victims comprised 45 men and 37 women, and nearly 67 per cent of them suffered from other serious ailments such as diabetes, hypertension, heart problems and asthma.

On the positive side, a total of 779 fully cured patients returned home on Sunday, taking the number of those discharged to 30,108.

In an important measure, the state government has set up a special 200-bed hospital with oxygen supply to all the beds in Mumbai”s top hotspot Dharavi, Asia”s biggest slum, which will be operational from Tuesday, state Home Minister Rajesh Tope said.

The hospital — with 10 doctors, 15 nurses, other support staff, CCTV coverage, thermal sensors and other amenities — was set up in just two weeks, said Brihanmumbai Additional Municipal Commissioner Sanjeev Jaiswal.

The MMR (Thane Division) continued to cause grave concerns for the authorities with 1,608 deaths and 53,259 positive cases.

Though trailing a distant third after Mumbai, Pune Division”s fatalities touched 424, besides 9,505 positive cases.

The next major area of concern is Nashik Division with 164 deaths and 2,178 positive cases, followed by Aurangabad Division with 70 fatalities and 1,925 cases, and Akola Division with 48 deaths and 1,036 cases.

There”s also Latur Division with 11 deaths and 371 cases, Kolhapur Division with 10 deaths and 918 patients, and Nagpur Division with 12 deaths and 761 cases.

Meanwhile, the number of people sent to home quarantine increased from Sunday”s 558,100 to 567,552 on Monday, while those in institutional quarantine increased by 1,709 to 34,480.

In another bit of relieving news, as many as 72,704 beds are currently available for quarantine in the state.

The state”s containment zones increased from 3,157 to 3,294 on Monday while 18,674 health teams have carried out a survey of a population of around 70.6 lakh in the state.


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Delhi DMs asked to identify additional land for cremation, burial

As of date, Delhi has reported 523 covid deaths since the outbreak of the infection. Also the cases count has crossed 20,000 mark, with 11,565 of them active cases.



Corona Death Body

New Delhi, June 1 : The various District Magistrates in the national capital on Monday were asked to identify lands for cremation or burial grounds, which are reasonably away from the residential areas.

In a letter to all the District Magistrates of Delhi, Rajesh Goyal, Additional CEO, Delhi Disaster Management Authority (DDMA) demanded a report on the same by 4 p.m. on June 3.

The letter asked the DMs to identify places, spaces for creating additional capacity for patient beds as well as additional land for cremation and burial grounds.

“As you are aware that in view of the increasing number of Covid-19 patients in Delhi, it is imperative to plan in advance for enhancing the capacity of patient beds and also to identify additional cremation and burial grounds,” the letter reads.

It asked the DMs to identify and provide the information on top priority.

“Indoor air conditioned locations, preferably large multipurpose halls, banquet halls and indoor stadiums etc. for putting up extra beds for Covid-19 patients along with capacity of each such location,” it said.

It also demanded the present locations of cremation and burial grounds as well as “additionally identified locations or lands for cremation and burial grounds which are reasonably away from the residential areas”.

As of date, Delhi has reported 523 covid deaths since the outbreak of the infection. Also the cases count has crossed 20,000 mark, with 11,565 of them active cases.


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Music symbolises collective strength during crisis: PM Modi

Lauding SPIC MACAYA for adding elements like literature, holistic food, nature walk and ”Naad Yoga” in its programmes for the ”Anubhav” series, Modi said that both Yoga and music boast of a power of motivation.




Modi PM

New Delhi, June 1 : Stressing that in trying times, music has always symbolised the collective strength of the people, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Monday that when the world is fighting an invisible enemy like the Covid-19 pandemic, writers, singers and musicians are playing their part to infuse confidence among the people.

“History and age-old tales are a witness to the fact that during wars, poets and writers would write literature that boosted the morale of the general population,” he said.

Speaking via video-conference during his inaugural keynote message for SPIC MACAY”s week-long special series ”Anubhav” that started on Monday, the Prime Minister added that just like music, which required a synchronisation of discipline and harmony, the same was needed for the fight against the pandemic.

“Every Indian is doing his bit in times of this crisis, and so are the artistes. We are witnessing classical artistes adopting newer technologies to reach the people, which is the need of the hour. With this, all barriers of region and language are being crossed, something which is empowering the idea of ”Ek Bharat, Shreshtha Bharat”,” he said.

The Prime Minister also said that in the Indian civilisation, music has always gone beyond personal happiness and has been a means to serve others. “We have witnessed some major musicians who have devoted their entire lives to serve humanity,” he said.

Lauding SPIC MACAYA for adding elements like literature, holistic food, nature walk and ”Naad Yoga” in its programmes for the ”Anubhav” series, Modi said that both Yoga and music boast of a power of motivation.

Recalling how during the initial days of the lockdown, the population came together to clap to motivate the country as one unit against the pandemic, the Prime Minister added, “As the population came together with similar emotions, what emerged was also music.”

During the week-long series, the participants, while sitting at home, will experience performances and workshops through virtual online platforms by leading exponents of Indian classical music, Carnatic and Hindustani, classical dance performances, folk performances by prominent artistes, theatre performances, lectures and interactions, cinema screening with discussions, a virtual heritage walk, virtual workshops in classical music, dance, crafts, and online Yoga sessions.

On the concluding day, a classical overnight concert beginning at 8 p.m. and ending at 6 a.m. will be organised.

Artistes who will be part of the series include Karan Singh, Pandit Jasraj, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia, Vidwan Umayalpuram, K. Sivaraman, Vidushi Teejan Bai, Pandit Rajan and Pandit Sajan Mishra, Shyam Benegal, Ghulam Md. Sheikh, T.N. Krishnan, Prabha Atre, N. Rajam, L. Subramanium, Uma Sharma, Saroja Vaidyanathan, Padma Subramanyam, Javed Akhtar and Shabana Azmi.


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