COVID-19: 250 gm onion free for a kilo of chicken

poultry Industry

Kolkata, March 8 : Take a kilogram of chicken and get 250 gm onion free. With the widespread panic over coronavirus pulling down the price of chicken to Rs 100 a kilo following sliding demand, traders in West Bengal are offering the additional incentive of 250 gm of free onion to attract the buyers.

Following persistent rumours linking chicken with the novel coronavirus infection, sales of poultry items have gone south in various markets of Kolkata and surrounding districts.

In Sukhchar market of 24 Parganas (North) district, traders said chicken is now being sold at Rs 100 a kilo.

“In addition to this, we are giving 250 gram of onion free. We can’t help it. We are suffering losses,” said a trader.

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