‘Country’s prosperity has vanished’: Congress attacks Modi govt on jobs issue; demands end to privatisation

The Congress again attacked the central government on Friday over what it called increasing unemployment and bad condition of the Indian economy and demanded creation of jobs and an end to privatisation.
rahul gandhi pti
rahul gandhi pti

New Delhi: The party alleged that the BJP-led NDA government had failed to fulfil its promises on the creation of jobs in the last six years and only made “hollow promises”.

The Congress said that with a labour force of 42.8 crore in the country, including 3.6 crore unemployed, generation of jobs should be the top priority of the government at the moment.

The opposition party claimed that the outlook for the Indian economy looked “bleak” as the quarterly GDP numbers of -23.9 per cent growth showed.

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi said: “Twelve crore jobs have vanished; 5 trillion dollar economy has vanished; the common man’s income too and so the country’s prosperity has vanished.”

The party also alleged that the biggest employer in India, the Railways, too was not appointing anybody.

“The Railway Recruitment Board (RRB), which formulates the policy on recruitment procedures and manages recruitment through 21 boards has released numerous notifications for vacancies but virtually no action has been taken on them,” Congress spokesman Gaurav Ballabh told a press conference on Friday.

Party chief spokesperson Randeep Singh Surjewala said that as per the International Labour Organisation report, 40 crore Indians have been pushed towards the BPL. “But where is the government?” he asked.

Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi Vadra tweeted that privatisation should be stopped and the youths provided jobs.

The Congress demanded that the Modi government take steps to curb unemployment, and suggested a boost to household and private spend and demand as close to 76 per cent of the capital formation happened through these two channels.

“Increase the infrastructure spend to help boost the core sectors, push industrial activity, and create jobs. The government should create sustainable job opportunities — both in the rural and urban areas,” the party added.

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