Country definitely not in community transmission phase, says ICMR


New Delhi: For such a large country, prevalence is so low, less than 1% in smaller districts slightly higher in cities and containment zones. So India is definitely not in community transmission stage, said ICMR.

Prof Bhargava also said, “We have ramped up testing and we hve very calibrated guidelines. We hve capacity to do up to 2 lakh tests a day.”

Data shows large sections of population still vulnerable: ICMR

  • “Data shows large sections of population still vulnerable so we need to protect high risk groups, maintain social distancing hand hygiene etc. States cannot lower guard need to maintain surveillance and containment,” Professor Bhargava, DG, ICMR.
  • “This is the largest immunological survey in the world on #COVID19. This finetunes our understanding. These are results till April 30,” Dr V K Paul member, NITI Aayog, said.
  • To keep the pandemic at these levels is a very big achievement; also fortunately mortality is very low, said Dr V K Paul member

Infection fatality at 0.08%

About serosurveillance, Professor Bhargava, DG, ICMR, said it gives scientific guidance, second part looked at infection spread in containment zone.

Blood sample tested for IgG using Elisa test. “Serosurveillance shows 0.73% in these districts had evidence of past infection. Shows lockdown successful. Infection fatality very low 0.08%,” he said.

Countrywise comparisons unfair unless nations have comparable population

In a press briefing, Lav agarwal, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, said, at present the number of recovered cases is more than active cases of Covid-19. He added that countrywise comparisons unfair unless other countries have comparable population.

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