Coronavirus information – Spain suffers its deadliest day

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According to government figures, 832 people died in Spain in the past 24 hours after contracting coronavirus, taking the total to 5,690 — a 17 per cent daily increase. The country has the second highest number of deaths in the world after Italy.

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But confirmed cases of Covid-19 rose at a lower rate than in recent days, reaching 72,248, a 13 per cent increase on Friday’s totals.

This compares with daily increases of 25 per cent or more at previous high points in the outbreak. The total number of people who have needed intensive care rose 10 per cent to 4,575, while the number of people who have recovered surged more than 30 per cent to 12,285.

Spanish government officials expressed hope that coming days will mark the peak of the spread of coronavirus, while cautioning that the peak in the deaths is likely to come later.

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