Coronavirus impact on industry: Rahul Gandhi to interact with Rajiv Bajaj on Thursday

Bajaj said, “I am not seeing a smooth, concerted, rhythmic move towards unlocking of the supply chain”
Rahul with Rajiv Bajaj

New Delhi: Rahul Gandhi on Thursday will interact with Rajiv Bajaj as part of his series of discussions with experts on various aspects of the coronavirus crisis.

Tomorrow, Thursday, 4th June, 10 AM onwards, join my conversation with Mr Rajiv Bajaj on the Covid crisis, across all my social media platforms,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

In a teaser released by Congress, managing director of Bajaj Auto Rajiv Bajaj tells Gandhi that the government has ended up flattening the wrong curve over the period through its measures to constrain coronavirus. “It’s not the infection curve, it’s the GDP curve,” he added. Bajaj also said, “I am not seeing a smooth, concerted, rhythmic move towards unlocking of the supply chain.” There is no unlocking as such, he said, adding that if a factory opens up and if any case is detected, it is shut again.

It will be Gandhi’s fourth such interaction with experts in the series. The former Congress party president recently spoke to globally renowned public health expert, Professor Ashish Jha of Harvard and Swedish epidemiologist Johan Giesecke, Professor Emeritus at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. “When the economy is opened up after lockdown, you have to create confidence among people,” Jha told Gandhi. While Jha exuded confidence that a vaccine will be available in a year’s time, Prof Giesecke said India should practice a lockdown that is as ‘soft’ as possible, as a severe lockdown will ruin its economy very quickly.

Gandhi had earlier spoken to world renowned economist and former Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Governor Dr Raghuram Rajan and Nobel Economics laureate Abhijit Banerjee. Meanwhile, the total number of coronavirus cases in India rose to 2,07,615 including 1,01,497 active cases, 100,303 cured and 5,815 deaths with 8,909 new cases and 217 deaths in the last 24 hours, the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said on Wednesday.

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