COP required to defeat ODOMOS: Kapil Sibal attacks Modi

New Delhi, Jan 29 : Seasoned politician Kapil Sibal specifically targeted Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah, saying BJP government is in desperate need of allies to rule the country.

Further adding that coalition of parties is required to clean the air by defeating ODOMOS ( Overdose of Only Modi Only Shah ) in 2019 Lok sabha elections .

Mentioning the allies required to support the BJP governmnet, Congress leader Kapil Sibal said, “The Modi -Shah duo desperately need (MSP) to survive .(Shiv Sena , JDU , TRS , RBI ) .”

Urging all regional parties to form a coalition to defeat the ODOMOS – overdose (of) only Modi only Shah, the Congress leader tweeted, “The fallout of ODOMOS ( Overdose of Only Modi Only Shah ) .We need to set up a Coalition of Parties (COP) to clean the air.”

National Conference leader Omar Abdullah targeted BJP president Amit Shah and said the country was suffering from too much “ODOMOS- overdose of only Modi only Shah”.

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