Cop put pistol’s barrel against windshield, shot Apple executive : Second FIR in Tiwari murder

Lucknow, Oct 1 : After widespread criticism  that Uttar Pradesh police tried to cover up the murder of Apple executive Vivek Tiwari by two former cops , the Lucknow police was forced to file a second FIR on Sunday in which Vivek ‘s widow Kalpana  has accused two constables Prashant Chaudhary and Sandeep Kumar of shooting her husband dead.

The first FIR lodged in the Lucknow shootout case of Vivek Tiwari on Saturday, that was filed on the statement given by Sana Khan, the lady colleague and the eye-witness of the incident , was weak as it did not name the accused police officers. While Sana has also pointed out the discrepancies in the FIR .Police wrote the complaint on their own and later made her sign it. The first FIR has the mention that two constables were present when the incident happened but who fired at Vivek  was not at all mentioned.AS per the sources, police is trying to build the pressure on Sana to weaken the case.

The second FIR mentions the two policemen – Prashant Chaudhary and Sandeep Kumar – as prime accused.

The wife of the victim, claims that accused cop Prashant Chowdhary aimed at Tiwari by putting the nozzle of the pistol on the car’s windshield. Kalpana said witness Sana Khan told her she was not allowed to call anyone when another police team reached after Vivek’s SUV rammed into the underpass after travelling for nearly half a kilometre.

Cop aimed at Tiwari by putting pistol’s nozzle on windshield and fired with intention to kill, Second FIR says He put pistol’s nozzle on windshield and fired with intention to kill, 

Kalpana wrote in FIR quoting Sana “I was with my colleague ASM sir, returning home at around 1.30 am when suddenly Prashant Chaudhary and Sandeep Kumar came in front of the car. ASM sir got scared and as he had a female friend with him, he tried to move his car by escaping. At the same time, the constable sitting on the back seat of (their) motorcycle and having a cane in his hand (got off) the motorcycle. Prashant Chaudhary, who was on the front seat, put his pistol against the windshield and fired with intention to kill.”

Vivek Tiwari (38), the Area Sales Manager of Apple, was allegedly shot dead on Saturday by constables Prashant and Sandeep while he was going to drop his colleague Sana Khan. The two constables were arrested and dismissed from the job.


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