Controversial : BJP MLA asks Rahul Gandhi to consume poison

Bhopal, March 23 : BJP MLA from Madhya Pradesh’s Harda Vidhan Sabha constituency Kamal Patel made a controversial remark against Congress chief said that Rahul Gandhi should consume poison after hoardings and posters depicted the Congress scion as a reincarnation of Lord Shiva.

Patel said that if Rahul survives after consuming poison like Lord Shiva then he’ll believe the posters and even worship him.

“Congress always demands proofs. Now, we also want. If Congress thinks Rahul Gandhi is Shiva avatar then they should give him poison. If he will survive like Shiva then he would also worship him,” Patel was quoted by ANI as saying.

According to Indian mythology, during the churning of the ocean by the Gods and Asuras, a dangerous poison called Halahala started emanating. It was Lord Shiva who came to save the world and stored the poison in his throat, turning it blue. BJP MLA Kamal Nath evoked the same story to challenge Rahul Gandhi to prove the veracity of the posters.

Meanwhile, the Congress president accused the PM of backtracking on his promises took him on over demonetisation and the recently launched “Main Bhi Chowkidar” campaign.

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