Contrary to his earlier stands on RSS, Nitish Kumar backs Mohan Bhagwat on his army comment

Nitish Kumar
File Photo

Nitish Kumar on Monday backed RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on his controversial comment of making an army. While talking to media Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar said that there is nothing wrong if an organization wants to guard their country.

In a statement given to news agency ANI, he said,”if an organization says that it is eager to safeguard the borders, Is it a matter of controversy?”

Meanwhile, he also claimed to be unaware of the incident.

However, Nitish had been very critical of RSS prior to the alliance with BJP. During his election campaign, he criticised RSS and BJP of communalism. He also called for Sangh Mukt Bharat.

Earlier on Sunday while addressing at an RSS function in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar on Sunday, Bhagwat had said “The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh is not a military organisation, but we have discipline like the military. If the nation requires and the country’s Constitution allows, the RSS is ready to fight on the borders against the enemy”.

The RSS has the capacity to form an army within a few days to fight for the country, he had stated.


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