Constitution in danger, Human rights under attack: Goa Archbishop

Goa Archbishop

Panaji, June 5: With the 2019 general approaching, Archbishop of Goa and Daman Father Filipe Neri Ferrao has issued a letter saying that the “Constitution is in danger”, and “Human rights are under attack”. 

The Archbishop has urged the people to strive to know the Constitution and to protect it with values such as secularism, freedom of speech and freedom to practise one’s religion.

The letter, issued in the beginning of Pastoral Year (June 1 to May 31), is addressed to Christians in the Archdiocese of Goa and Daman, news agency ANI reported.

“Today, our Constitution is in danger (and that is) the reason why most of the people are living in insecurity. In this context, particularly as the general elections are fast approaching, we must strive to know our constitution better and work harder to protect it,” the letter read.

“In recent times, we see a new trend emerging in our country, which demands uniformity in what and how we eat, dress, live and even worship: a kind of mono-culturalism. Human rights are under attack and democracy appears to be in peril,” it added.

The letter further said that various minorities fear for their safety and people are being uprooted from their land and homes in the name of development.

“The first victim of development is the poor person. It is easier to trample upon the rights of the poor because those who will raise their voice for them are very few,” it asserted.

The Archbishop has also advised Catholics and Church communities to play an active role in politics and social causes.

“Our parishes and small Christian communities ought to be immersed in this mission of the Church. They should be open to the problems of the world. This social concern should not only remain within the confines of the parish community but should reach out to the whole state and country at large,” Ferrao stated.

Apart from this, the Archbishop also flagged concern about malnutrition among children in the country.

This comes a week after Delhi archbishop Anil Couto had asked the Christian community to observe a fast on Fridays and hold prayers for the nation’s sake.


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