Congress will win 2022 UP elections under Priyanka Gandhi’s leadership: UP Cong chief

Jyotiraditya Scindia Priyanka Gandhi
Jyotiraditya Scindia Priyanka Gandhi

Lucknow, Oct 20: Describing Priyanka Gandhi Vadra as the “second Indira Gandhi” and a “storm of change,” UP Congress chief Ajay Kumar Lallu on Sunday exuded confidence that the party will emerge victorious under her leadership in the 2022 state assembly polls.

“Priyanka Gandhi is the second Indira Gandhi. She is the storm of change (badlaav ki yeh aandhi, jiskaa naam Priyanka Gandhi hai). Under her leadership, the Congress will emerge victorious in the 2022 UP Assembly elections,” he said.

“This BJP government (headed by Yogi Adityanath) fears both Priyanka Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, as it knows that if the brother-sister hit the streets, BJP will start sweating,” Lallu told PTI.

Asked whether he will be the CM face of the party in the 2022 polls, he said, “No. I am only a party worker, and my ‘dharma’ is to work for the party’s ideology. Congress has a glorious history of participating in various struggles. And on the basis of these struggles, history has been changed.”

“The party workers and office bearers are working very hard, and there are indication of good results for the party.”

He also said that the Congress adheres to the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi, and serves the country by embarking on the path of truth and non-violence.

“On the contrary, the BJP’s style of working and policies are divisive,” he charged.

Lallu said, “Our fight is against wrong policies of the BJP, as the farmer has been devastated, there is increasing unemployment, the condition of the poor and labourers has gone from bad to worse. Industrialists are now shying from coming to UP, and those who are already in the state, they are mulling to leave the state.”

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