Congress’ vision on national security stands on four pillars: Lt Gen DS Hooda

DS Hooda, Rahul Gandhi
DS Hooda, Rahul Gandhi, Image : Congress Twitter

New Delhi, April 21: The Congress on Sunday released a report on national security titled “keeping India secure” which Rahul Gandhi sought from retired Lt General D S Hooda which specifically have four pillars ranging from India’s relations with major powers, neighbours, South Asia to the presence of Islamic State terror group in the country.

D S Hooda said, “Intelligence is a critical imperative for national security. Timely and actionable intelligence is important to save the life of our jawans. Our plan is to strengthen our intelligence architecture.”

Lt. Gen D S Hooda had met Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi to form a task force on national security and a report on the same was presented. Based on the report, we’ve further chalked out our policy pathway on national security and today we present it to you.

The 44-page report ‘India’s National Security’ also advocated that the relations with China “must be calibrated with care, based on the principle of reciprocity” .

The first pillar of the Congress report on National security strategy is to analyse which direction India relation with world’s mahor powers like US, Russia and China and the need for a permanent seat for India in the UN.
The Second parameter of this report how to make India’s neighbourhood safe and secure and country’s relation with China and Pakistan on a long term basis.

Third Pillar envisages internal security: Jammu and Kashmir, Northeast insurgency and Maoist problems and how to resolve peacefully.Terroism is also the main focus with Al Qaeda and ISIS footprints is not much but we cant ignore the threat.
Fourth pillar includes climate change, demographic challenge, technical skills, technological revolution and economic and energy security

On Pragya Thakur’s remark on late Hemant Karkare, Hooda said, “Yes it does hurt when such things are said about a martyr, be it from the Army or the Police, full respect should be given. These utterances are not good.”

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