Congress seeks judicial probe into Bulandshahr policeman’s death

The BJP MLA on Friday had said that “Inspector Subodh shot himself in haste when the mob got too aggressive”.
Raj Babbar

New Delhi, Dec 29: The Congress on Saturday sought a judicial probe into the December 3 Bulandshahar violence which claimed a life of Police Inspector Subodh Kumar Singh, saying the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh was “shielding” the perpetrators.

Uttar Pradesh Congress President Raj Babbar expressed alarm over law and order situation in the state and alleged that under the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), “mobocracy was flourishing”.

“It has been nearly four weeks and the police are still clueless about the killers of Singh. Chief Minister Adityanath, at times sniff a political conspiracy and at times pats his own back, but has done nothing to catch the killers.

“Bulandshahr is not an isolated incident. Ever since the BJP came to power, there have been numerous incidents where BJP leaders and their goons have threatened, humiliated and insulted and attacked police officers,” Babbar said while addressing a press conference.

The Congress leader also targetted the BJP government for focussing on cows slaughter instead of probing Inspector’s death.

Babbar said only a judicial enquiry headed by either by a Supreme Court judge or the Allahabad High Court Chief Justice can provide justice and reveal the truth.

“Since Narendra Modi came to power in 2014, mobocracy has been steadily gaining grounds. There have been numerous incidents of violence and killings across the country but no action has been taken in any case. When the rulers give patronage to mobocracy, administration is rendered helpless,” he told media.

Babbar refered to the remarks of BJP MLA Devendra Singh, for emphasising how the Yogi Adityanath regime was trying to shield Singh’s killers.

The BJP MLA on Friday had said that “Inspector Subodh shot himself in haste when the mob got too aggressive”.

Claiming that under the ruling government there was complete anarchy in Uttar Pradesh and women, as well as ordinary citizens were not safe, the Congress leader said the Adityanath regime has lost the right to continue and demanded that a judicial probe be immediately ordered in to the Bulandshahr incident.


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