Congress says , Will punish those defaming Nehru

Anand Sharma, File Photo

The Congress Party Calling former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru the ‘mahanayak’ (great hero) of India’s freedom struggle, a vexed party on Saturday accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of attempting to destroy Nehru’s legacy.

Party spokesperson Anand Sharma Reacting to a letter, which is a part of the 100 secret Netaji files declassified by Modi on the national hero’s birth anniversary, wherein Nehru allegedly called Bose a “war criminal”, Congress leader said the document was “fabricated” to defame “one of India’s greatest sons” (Nehru).

Sharma said, “Nehru was the mahanayak (great hero) of India’s freedom movement. It’s shameful that an attempt is being made to smudge the image of India’s great leader by political forces who have been ideologically opposed to the Congress,” .

Party blamed and try to point out those who behind this ,Anand Sharma added ,  “The fabricated and forged document is to sensationalise one of India’s greatest sons. It is a criminal conspiracy and we are determined to identify, expose and punish those behind this,” .

Party spokesperson Sharma in particular , targeted Modi, saying that the prime minister had “miserably failed” to achieve anything since he had come to power and was therefore deflecting attention.

When asked about allegations made against the Congress by the kin of Bose, Sharma said he did not want to enter into this debate with Netaji’s family members.

“Netajis daughter has already spoken on this issue and her statement is in public domain. She too is anguished over this matter,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Modi released digital copies of the first set of 100 files on Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose at the National Archives of India and met the family members of Bose.

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