Congress says Modi ‘sick’ for calling Rajiv Gandhi corrupt

narendra modi

New Delhi, May 5 (IANS) A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Rajiv Gandhi a “corrupt” politician, Congress leaders on Sunday described Modi as a “sick man” and “psychopath” for attacking the former Prime Minister for electoral gains.

Addressing a press conference here, party spokesperson Pawan Khera said Modi’s comments were provoked by fear of losing the elections, and he should be ashamed of himself for attacking Rajiv Gandhi, who “sacrificed his life for the country”.

“You are behaving like a serial abuser, you are behaving like a sick man and you are behaving like a psychopath,” he said.

Khera said the use of such abuses was against the cultural values of this country and people would not pardon Modi.

Taking a jibe at Congress President Rahul Gandhi, Modi at a rally in Uttar Pradesh’s Pratapgarh on Saturday had said: “Your father was termed ‘Mr. Clean’ by his courtiers but his life ended as ‘bhrashtachari’ (corrupt) No. 1.”

Modi’s remark came following Congress chief’s incessant attacks on him regarding allegations of corruption in the Rafale jet deal.

“It is clear that the BJP-led government will not get another chance to rule in the centre, and all these statements make it clear that the party is desperate and is willing to stoop to new low everyday,” Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said in a statement.

Party MP from Kerala, K.C. Venugopal, said the “despicable” statement by Modi of calling Rajiv Gandhi “bhrashtachari” had brought down the dignity of the Prime Minister’s office, and sought an apology from him.

“More shockingly, even after such repeated slandering and character assassination from the Prime Minister and other BJP leaders, the Election Commission has failed to take any action against them,” he said.

Rajiv Gandhi was given a clean chit by the Delhi High Court in the Bofors defence deal case and later in 2018 by the Supreme Court, Venugopal said.

“The charges against Rajiv Gandhi was thrown out by the Delhi high court in 2005 and later even the Supreme court had dismissed the CBI’s appeal against the Delhi High Court’s verdict in 2018,” he said.

Earlier in the day, Rahul Gandhi and Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi also criticized Modi.

“Modi ji, the battle is over. Your karma awaits you. Projecting your inner beliefs about yourself onto my father won’t protect you. All my love and a huge hug,” Rahul Gandhi tweeted.

“The Prime Minister who insults martyrs by seeking vote in the name of their sacrifices yesterday crossed his limits by insulting the sacrifice of a noble man who gave his life for the country,” Priyanka Gandhi said on Twitter.

“The people of Amethi will reply as Rajiv Gandhi sacrificed his life for them. Yes Modi ji, the country never forgives cheating.”

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