Congress organises ‘money ki baat’ to expose Centre’s fraud


Mumbai, 18 Nov: Opposition is all ready to launch a scathing attack after the Centre’s move to demonetise currency notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000.

As the BJP is busy in praising their step, centre is also leaving no stone unturned to in slamming the decision.

In the wake of the crisis that emerged due to the move, Mumbai unit of the Congress on Thursday announced that it would launch a ‘money ki baat’ programme to expose the ‘fraud’. The initiative is slated to begin from November 22 at major locations outside banks across the city.

Congress leaders reacting to the move asserted that the decision is hitting the large number of people as they are unbale to withdraw their earned money . “So far, 37 people who lined up to exchange their money have died. Since Modi does ‘man ki baat’ with people, we will organise the ‘money ki baat’ to tell them how the decision is ill-thought-out and fraudulent. These discussions will be held outside bank branches near railway stations, markets and grounds, without inconveniencing people coming to the banks,” said Sanjay Nirupam, president of Mumbai Congress.

Nirupam further also referred to the grim situation of the families having marriage scheduled and patients who were not getting treatment owing to the Centre’s decision.

“Businesses such as jewellery, retail, hotel, healthcare, pharma and leather are down by 70-80 per cent. This situation is likely to continue for seven months, as only 300 crore notes of currency can be printed every month. We need around 2,300 notes in all,” Nirupam said, adding that the decision had been communicated beforehand to select leaders and industrialists.

All around the echoes of note ban are being heard, it is the common man who is struggling to pay for their daily needs. Middle-class workers, salesman, traders, vendors are facing steep declined in their sales which is affecting their lives.

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