Congress MP writes to Rajya Sabha chairman, calls for 2-week session in May-June


New Delhi, April 7: Congress MP Jairam Ramesh on Saturday wrote to Rajya Sabha chairman M.Venkaiah Naidu, urging him to convene a special two-week session in May-June to discuss important issues.

Ramesh in a letter to Naidu said “I wish to make a suggestion purely in my personal capacity. Why don’t you try and persuade the government to convene a special two-week session sometime in late May or early June to both pass important legislation and also have debate and discussion on burning political, economic and social issues”.

“l am aware that the monsoon session will be called sometime in mid-July but a special session sends a different signal altogether. There is no doubt that the complete washout has inflicted great damage to Parliament as an institution and I think a special session may help retrieve some of its lost prestige,” it stated.

Describing the washout session a collective failure, Ramesh said it is the responsibility of the central government to communicate and engage in meaningful and serious dialogue with all political parties to ensure the smooth functioning of Parliament.

“That was very much in absence in recent weeks. In fact, it has been absent all through the past four years,” he added.

With Parliament passing only two laws outside Budget-related Bills during the month-long session, the Budget session that concluded on Friday was the least productive Budget session since 2000, data shows.

The budget session of Parliament which concluded on Friday witnessed a complete washout due to an uproar over a range of issues including banking scam, Special Status to Andhra Pradesh, Cauvery management board, SC/ST and others.

The Lok Sabha spent only 1% of its allotted time on legislative business while the Rajya Sabha spent 6%.


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