‘Congress leaders, workers must shun dilemma on party ideology’

Congress had been firm in its commitment to Social justice and hence tried to ensure it by implementing reservation to marginalised sections.

Bengaluru, Dec 29 : Karnataka Leader of the Opposition in the Assembly, Siddaramaiah on Monday said the Congress can grow only if its workers have commitment towards the party’s ideological principles like social justice, universal brotherhood and various other things the party had stood for all these years.

Addressing the party workers at the 136th foundation day of the Congress here, Siddaramaiah said any kind of ‘dilemma’ about any issue is not good for anybody.

“When it comes to our party, it is even more true. We should have ideological dilemmas of any sorts. Each worker should introspect about why she/he is a Congress worker? Then there will be more clarity,” he explained.

Recalling his own statement that choosing a food is a fundamental right of everyone, Siddaramaiah said, “I will eat beef if I want to. Nobody can stop me. Who are you to question me? If you don’t eat, leave it, I am not going to force you. I had once said in the assembly.”

He said, many of his party colleagues hesitate to even talk about it or take a stand on issues fearing consequences or backlash.

“This type of dilemma will hurt the party’s prospect. That is why Congress is on a losing streak,” he said.

“Why should we stay quiet creating a feeling that what others are saying is right. You (party workers/leaders) should come out of such confusions,” Siddaramaiah said, while referring to the anti-cow slaughter ordinance.

Siddaramiah said Congress workers must spread this message that the party Congress believed in Hindutva that was practiced and preached by enlightened souls like Mahatma Gandhi and Gopal Krishna Gokhale.

“These leaders never used religion as a tool to achieve their political agenda, but whereas BJP and RSS does it to achieve its political agenda. Congress workers must expose this,” he urged.

He further added that Congress had been firm in its commitment to Social justice and hence tried to ensure it by implementing reservation to marginalised sections.

“This was opposed vehemently by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh backed parties since then.

He further added that it is with commitment to ensure grassroots level governance, late prime minister. Rajiv Gandhi brought 73rd and 74th Constitutional amendment to implement Panchayat Raj.

“These amendments ensured reservation to women and backward classes but it is BJP that had unequivocally opposed the system of reservation. Therefore, the party workers must have clarity in their thoughts and try to address issues that can easily be countered,” he explained.

He added that the basic structure of the Constitution, which is also Congress’s ideology, is under threat by divisive forces through their false and diabolical narratives.

“It is in the hands of Congress party workers to ensure that the right message reaches every Indian. Congress party was founded to provide a platform for all Indians to voice their opinion against the oppression of British. It ensured fair space to all sections of the society to present their views. The party never came into existence just for the power,” he appealed.

Interestingly Siddarmaiah’s statement comes on a day when the state cabinet decided to promulgate an ordinance to give effect to the contentious anti-cow slaughter bill that is yet to be approved by the legislative council.

Once it comes into effect, there will be a blanket prohibition of slaughter of cows in the state. However, the slaughter houses will continue to function and beef consumption will not be prohibited with respect to buffalo meat.

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