Congress seeks Modi’s reply on 40% rise in UP Farmer suicides

Jaiveer Shergill

New Delhi, July 21: The Congress on Saturday sought Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reply over the rise in farmer suicides in Uttar Pradesh. 

Congress spokesperson Jaiveer Shergill told media “PM Modi must answer why there is a 40% rise in farmers’ suicide cases in BJP-ruled Uttar Pradesh”.

“PM Modi must answer to farmers of Uttar Pradesh, and explain why loans of only Rs 1 were waived”, he further asked

When will farmers of Uttar Pradesh get their Rs 20000 Crore which is owed by the Sugar Mill factories?

Flagging concern over the impact of Goods and Services Tax, he said: “on one hand, Modi government’s high tax on fuel is hurting farmers and on the other hand, for the first time, farmers are levied by tax in the form of GST”.

“The Country is fed up with PM Modi’s event management style of politics and it in fact is craving for a sound governance”, Shergill added.

Speaking on No-Confidence Motion debate, Shergill stated: “Yesterday, when PM Modi faced questions from Congress President Rahul Gandhi, he seemed like a student who was facing a question paper in the exam”.

Taking a jibe at PM Modi he said “It seemed like the question paper was on Mathematics, but PM Modi answers were history”.

“PM Modi had promised to improve lives of farmers, but instead ruined them with his illthought policies”, he further said.


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