Congress dubs PM’s NITI Aayog ‘flop’, ignored states’ core issues

Narendra Modi

New Delhi, April 24: The Congress party on Monday launched a scathing attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi for harassing states without acknowledging their real problems and imposing directions of a “flop” NITI Aayog.

The opposition party slammed Central government for forming National Institution for Transforming India NITI Aayog in place of planning commsion as a foolish and futile decision as Aayog only underlines doings and un-doings of the Modi government and hasn’t served ever since its inception.

Congress leader Om Prakash Mishra said, “Niti Aayog is a flop. It has not been able to make any significant mark. It, in fact, has been reduced by this government to an exercise in futility. It was a foolish decision of the Central government to do away with the planning commission. This Niti Aayog is only trying to underwrite the doings and undoings of the Modi government.”

He further took a dig at the Prime Minister’s assertion on how states need to work together for better India. Mishra said PM says while PM talks about new India, his supporters are always working to divide the country.

“New India was born in 1947. It has been nurtured through seven decades of Parliamentary democracy. It has been enriched by liberalism, secularism. Modi government is trying to undermine institutions,” said Mishra.

He further said if PM Modi really wants to build new India, he should focus on strengthening the existing institutions and should attempt to diffuse the conflict situation in many parts of the country. The NDA government should not try to harass the opposition and only this is the way to build new India and make it further developed.

Another Congress leader, P.C. Chacko alleged Prime Minister Modi for showing favoritism to BJP ruled states and said PM should focus on implementing promises to all state governments.

The comments came after PM Modi yesterday urged to CMs of all states to work together with his government as part of Team India and help in identifying goals for 2022. The Prime Minister had chaired the third meeting of the NITI Aayog’s Governing Council at the Rashtrapati Bhavan yesterday and 28 CMs were present during the meet.

Chacko added, “In a federal set up the Central government should understand the feelings of the state governments, their problems and difficulties.”

He said mere making a call in the meeting that everybody should work together does not have any meaning at all when states are already complaining that their proposals are pending with the Central government. He added, “Today many chief ministers said that their proposals are pending with the Central government.”

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