Congress has dismantled PM Modi ‘s idea: Rahul

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, May 17: Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Friday said that his party has dismantled the idea of Narendra Modi in the last five years.

“Mr. Modi had a huge opportunity. I would have liked to see him moving the country forward. He lost sight of the real picture, people chose him to give country a vision, but he chose to abuse our vision”, Gandhi said while addressing a press conference.

“Our strategy for the last 2 years was to systematically close every door to stop PM Modi from escaping. We closed 90% of the doors, and he helped us close the remaining 10% by abusing people”.

The Congress Chief slammed the prime minister for holding his first press conference just days before polling ends.

“Prime Minister holds a press conference just 4-5 days before the election ends, unprecedented, Prime Minister of India is holding a press conference for the first time”, he stated.

Gandhi questioned the Prime Minister silence over the Rafale debate.

“Now that the Prime Minister is doing a live press conference, I want to ask him ‘why didn’t you debate with me on Rafale? I had challenged you for a debate, tell the press why didn’t you debate?”, he asserted.

The Congress President also alleged that the Election Commission’s role in ongoing polls has been “biased” and it has issued orders keeping in mind Modi’s schedule.

“Election Commission’s role in this election is biased. The entire election schedule is formed primarily to benefit PM Modi” he said.


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