Congress can rebuild its strategies for 2019 elections


In a real democracy a strong Opposition is necessary to thwart attempts of bringing in dictatorial trends in the government. The Congress party performance in Punjab, Manipur and Goa is an indication that the 130 year old grand party can improve its performance manifolds. The results of recent assembly elections in five states have shown that Congress lacked only in formulating strategies, election management, communicating with the people and convincing them with proper marketing and implementation of their vision.

But Media’s raining discredit to Congress is hardly tenable as no such criticism of BJP for having lost so many elections was found during the days BJP virtually slipped into oblivion.

Congress failed to prepare constituency wise needs of the people and to work out the remedial measures by entrusting the work to the cadres of those very constituencies. It is thus apparent that Congress party failed to prepare any list of issues that really worried the voters of that area thus it could not motivate the voters to vote at the constituency level.

How Rahul Gandhi can lead Congress to victory

A robust structural reform is needed in Congress along with deploying some 2000 workers distributed in every constituency of the country to work out the problems and issues of each and every constituency by door to door visits, then  apprising the problems to the next level leaders up-to the top leadership of the party. Further an intensive meeting of workers and leaders of at all levels should be carried out to analyze the work performed at the ground level to prepare the vision of the party. Moreover only committed leaders should be entrusted with this work to ensure that they do not shift their loyalties to the rival parties.

Congress-vice President Rahul Gandhi should be in touch with Sonia Gandhi as she worked tirelessly and formed Manmohan led UPA government in 2004.

The Congress must understand that the old generation after the partition is aware of the rehabilitation work of the uprooted people, the development work and the thousands of jobs created by the Congress. They should now apprise the new generation of the past good work done by them and assure the voters that the party is still committed  to creating jobs for the youth and implement  innovative methods to boost the economy. Congress should shun people like Shashi Tharoor who indulged in naming Indians as “ cattle class” because it hurts the sentiments of the voters.

PM Modi’s failures should be highlighted

Prime Minister Narendra Modi pleads with the people to overlook faults of his government but does not leave any opportunity to condemn Congress though it has created history in Bangladesh and helped Dalai Lama to establish the “Tibet government in Exile” in India.

BJP government through its inept policies has brought Kashmir issue  to an edge  and the Kashmiris are openly talking of secession from the country. Jammu and Kashmir has been suffering since the coalition government of PDP-BJP (BJP as a senior partner) in militancy, growing radicalization among youth, alleged infiltration attempts from across the border, separatist sentiments  and consistent attacks on the security forces personnel.

Congress has the time to regain lost grounds as its tying up with regional parties lowered its stature and it should now start vigorously for preparing  2019 Lok Sabha elections in an aggressive manner.

arti bali

By : Arti Bali

Senior Journalist

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