Congress believes in ground fighting: Ajay Kumar

Ajay Kumar Lallu

Lucknow, Oct 18 (IANS) Congress eagerly wants to make a come back in Uttar Pradesh. Ajay Kumar Lallu, a two-time MLA from Kushinagar district, looks excited after becoming the state President and now ready to hold the responsibility of the party and also planning to take it to the pinnacle of success.

Lallu told IANS that the Congress believes in fighting on the ground, not on Twitter. On the question of the dejection of the old leaders after the new committee was announced, he said that all people in Congress were associated with one ideology. There is harmony among all the party people, their mindset might vary, but no one is angry. All are working for the advancement of the party.

“After the Sonbhadra Umbha incident, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was shaken by the Congress movement. The party led a big movement under Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s leadership. We were locked in the fort of Chunar. This was a battle on the ground. Gandhi’s padyatra on the Unnao and Chinmayananda scandal had gathered 50,000 workers on the streets on Gandhi Jayanti. Our party has caught the attention of the common man. We will carry forward the fight on this ground.

“The public has believed in the party. The Congress is fighting a battle against the policies such as sugarcane farmers problem, poor law and order, falling economy and arrogance of the Uttar Pradesh government. We are trying to gain the lost faith and mass base. The party will contest the 2022 Assembly elections alone.

“Sonia and Priyanka Gandhi have given me a huge responsibility. The party has been brought only those people to the state executive who has some history in the movement.

“The BJP’s image is quite stronger than any other parties on social media, but this will not work anymore. It is spreading violence, hatred and confusion among people. But our party followed Gandhiji’s ideology and we will definitely win in the next elections,” Lallu said.

“There will be no compromise with indiscipline. A petition has been filed against Harchandpur MLA Rakesh Singh seven months ago. Aditi Singh has also been given notice. The answer has not yet been received.”

Regarding the past two-and-a-half-year of the BJP government, Lallu said, “The BJP is unsuccessful in the state. It is torturing unemployed youths. It is troubling the contract workers. more than 25 thousand home guards might be fired. All the recruitments are pending in the court. The state has become anarchy today. The criminals are being protected. Our party will protest to expose the BJP government.”

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