Congress asks PM Modi to brush up knowledge of history


Kalaburagi, May 4: The Congress on Thursday advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi that it’s better to start reading from a paper to brush up the knowledge of history after he blamed the party for disrespecting great Army legend K S Thimayya.

Taking a jibe at the Prime Minister, Congress communications in-charge Randeep Surjewala “Modi ji, Better start reading from a paper to brush up your knowledge of history.

Modi while addressing rallies in poll-bound Karnataka’s Kalaburagi stated “Forgetting the national heroes, patriots and history is the nature of a family in the Congress. (Jawaharlal) Nehru and V K Krishna Menon insulted General (KS) Thimayya, who had to resign. They neglected General (K M) Cariappa”.

Many people including Surjewala were quick to remind him that Thimayya was not the army chief in 1948. He became the army chief nine years later in 1957.

The Congress leader further said in a tweet “Gen Thimayya became Army Chief only on 8th May 1957 and not 1947 as you alleged”,

“V K Krishna Menon was ambassador to UK between 1947-52 & not Defence Minister as you alleged”, he added.

Meanwhile, Swaraj India leader Yogendra Yadav also wondered why the PMO could not afford a fact-checker as it was getting ’embarrassing.’

“No sir, Krishna Menon was Defence Minister from April 1957 to October 1962. General Thimmayya was Army Chief from May 1957 to May 1961. Sir can’t the PMO afford a fact-checker? It’s so embarrassing!”, he tweeted.


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