Congress advises PM Modi to question Bhagwat on Quota


The Congress on Monday advised Prime Minister Narendra Modi to direct questions on “revisiting reservation” to his ideological mentor, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

“The prime minister today, while speaking with regard to Dr. (Babasaheb Bhimrao) Ambedkar said certain things which are absolutely and clearly economical with the truth. He talked about not revisiting reservation. The question to the prime minister is who raised the issue of revisiting reservation? Was it raised by the Congress? Was it raised by anybody in the opposition? The issue was raised by the secretary general of RSS Mohan Bhagwat,” said Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari.

“So, the PM would be well advised if he directs these queries with regard to revisiting reservation to its or to their ideological mentor,” he added.

Bhagwat had earlier stirred a controversy by pitching for a review of the reservation policy.

Tewari asked whether it was not a fact that the RSS opposed the Constitution of India.

“The RSS in 1950 actually opposed the Constitution of India. Is it not a fact that former Prime Minister, the first Prime Minister of the BJP (AB) Vajpayee, actually set up a Committee to review the Constitution when there was no demand from anybody except RSS that the Constitution be reviewed,” he said.

Tewari wondered as to why the Prime Minister was silent about the unfortunate suicide of Dalit Hyderabad scholar Rohith Vemula.

“Why were the entire instrumentalities of the State deployed in order to even question the caste of Rohith Vemula?” he asked.

Noting that the Prime Minister had talked about not revisiting reservation, he asked Modi as to who raised the issue of revisiting reservation?

“Was it the Congress or was it the RSS?” he said, in an apparent dig at the Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat who had spoken about the contentious issue in the midst of Bihar polls.

Besides, he charged the Prime Minister with having an anti-Dalit mindset, claiming that it reflected in a book of his speeches.

“And the last but not the least, what the Prime Minister had to say in a ‘Book of Speeches’ titled ‘Karma Yog’, which was compiled and released some years ago, exposes his anti-dalit mindset,” he said.

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