Congress accuses Modi Government of betraying farmers over MSP


New Delhi, July 4: The Congress on Wednesday accused the Narendra Modi government of betraying farmers and said the Minimum Support Price (MSP) declared is still not 50 per cent more than the cost of agriculture products. 

Addressing media, Congress leader Randeep Singh Surjewala stated: “According to the Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices guidelines, MSP declared today is still not 50% more than the cost of agrarian products”.

Singh further said While announcing MSP, the Centre neglected three important issues such as (1) Diesel cost has increased by Rs 11, (2) In last 6 months, fertiliser has become expensive and (3) Pesticides and Electricity is costlier than before.

“In May 2014, using false promises PM Modi gained the support of the farmers, but, in last 4 years farmers did not receive right MSP”.

Modi govt. is deliberately not disclosing to the public the guidelines of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices. If this is not betrayal to the farmers, then what is?, he asked.

The Congress leader claimed in the contemporary scenario farmers are bearing an annual loss of Rs 5650 Crore.

Citing an example of UPA rule that Congress government in Karnataka had provided relief to farmers, he said “it is the duty of central and state govt to resolve this issue”.

Earlier in a day, the Union Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs approved Minimum Support Price (MSP) for summer-sown crops for the year 2018-19, which according to the government will provide farmers a profit of 50 per cent or more over the cost of production.

The Commission of Agricultural Costs and Production (CACP) had fixed input cost for major monsoon crop paddy at Rs 1,166 per quintal and the government had added 50 per cent profit, which would make the MSP Rs 1,750 per quintal this year — a steep increase of Rs 200 from Rs 1,550 last year.


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