Cong slams Centre over Chh’garh raids, reminds federalism


New Delhi, The Congress has launched an attack on the Union Government over Income Tax raids in Chhattisgarh for the past 4 days and termed it as “Coercive & Insecure Centrism”.

The Congress said Constitution has been trampled, federalism demolished and democracy attacked.Over the last four days, multiple raids on various locations have been carried out by the Income Tax Department in the state of Chhattisgarh.

Unfortunately, for the Modi Government, the clumsy method, manner and timing of these raids have exposed their mal-intentions and designs before the entire nation,” alleged Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala.

The Congress alleged that the Income Tax raids in Chhattisgarh were carried out after the Bhupesh Baghel government launched an investigation into irregularities of the previous BJP regime.

“Is this a Cover-up Corruption exercise by Union BJP Govt? Can the Modi-Shah government share the basis on which these raids are being conducted?” asked Surjewala.

“Unsurprisingly, and most importantly, the raids have begun only after the economic offences wing of the State Government launched an investigation into alleged acts of corruption that took place under the purview of the previous BJP Government. The persons targeted are also chosen to send a clear message to the State Leadership.” said Surjewala.

“We as a country, which have become familiar with these tactics over the last five and a half years. But Modi-Shah duo, in their zeal and desperation to intimidate, have done the Nation a huge disservice,” alleged Surjwala.

“when we say that Constitution is a Federal Constitution, it means that the Provinces are as sovereign as the Centre. In other words, barring the provisions which permit the Centre to override any legislation that may be passed by the Provinces, which have a plenary authority to make any law for the peace, order and good government of that Province,” the congress leader reminded.

The party also alleged that the Government is using the elite CRPF and deploying it with the Income tax department, without the knowledge of the state government.

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