Confused? It’s love or just attraction

New Delhi, 27 May: Attraction and love sometimes become almost similar that people generally get confused whether they are in love or it’s just attraction.

Actually here are some explanations of both the situations which will enable will you to clear all the chaos and know before getting too late.

1. If you like someone after just one or two meeting. However, you don’t know much about his or her behaviour, likings, dislikings and nature of the person but you think that you really like that person. You have become a fan of one’s looks, then dear it’s not love.loveLove is that does not see the outer beauty actually it is what loving the soul, understanding one’s personality which makes you fall in love.

2. If you are talking to someone on daily basis in your free time and you suddenly find that person attractive. He or She is just like an option to you that when you are free or have nothing to do then you have your trump card. But that’s also not love.LoveLove is when you have no time and still, you are thinking about that special one all the time. You are awake but still in dreams of someone, all time you are concerned about that person. Then that’s love.

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3. If there is a friend who stands there for you in your bad times, or on whom shoulder you can cry upon and you think that you are getting attached to him then also no need to worry. Actually, he might be your very good friend but you are not in love. Just because he is there for when you are in need that’s why you think so..but it’s a duty of every good friend but it’s not love.girlYeah, but in case you also remain tensed about him all the time and can’t see him in trouble. It hurts you when he or she is in pain, or all time you want to know whether that person is fine or not then it can be love.

4. If someone continuously calls you, shows you as if he or she is free for you and you are thinking that it’s all because of love that person is free to you and wants to talk to you all the time, then it might be a foul’s play.phoneIn practical life, a person who will genuinely love you will always speak you out that he is busy and will talk later. That person will not show any fakeness or do over reactions. He may not call you all the time but one time he will surely call you, ask you about your entire day.

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5. If you feel a person showing you immense love or making major commitments and you are thinking of giving the relation a name, then stop for a while. Don’t forget the dangerous of excess.attractionMaking big statements and living, in reality, are completely different things if someone doesn’t say a lot, but in just a small span of time steals your heart with his emotional talks then that’s love.

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Not every attraction is love but if it is love, then the feeling of attraction will always be there.

– Shivangi Raghav

Wefornews Bureau

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