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Compete with yourself, not others: PM Modi tells students




Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday told students appearing for board exams to remain positive, and not to come under pressure of expectations.

Modi, in his radio programme “Mann Ki Baat”, also had ace cricketer Sachin Tendulkar and chess champion Vishwanathan Anand giving messages to the students.

“Do not get burdened under the expectations of others. Set your own targets,” the prime minister said.”Exams are very much like problems you face later in life… The most important thing is to stay calm. It is very much like a game of chess,” he said.
Addressing students appearing for board exams, Modi said, “Do not limit yourself with what will happen in these exams. Work with a much larger purpose. What is your routine, during exams, is important.”

“Why should we compete with others, why not compete with oneself. Break your own previous record.”
Modi also advised parents not to pressurise students and give them their space. “Parents, teachers and seniors are an invaluable support system for students during exam time,” he said.

Tendulkar in his message also urged students to remain positive.

“Positive thoughts will be followed by positive results,” Tendulkar said.

Your parents, teachers, relatives must be having a lot of expectations from you, says Sachin Tendulkar,
You should set a target for yourself and try to achieve that, adds the legendary cricketer
I hope you will get inspiration from Sachin’s message. Why compete with others? Why not compete with yourself?
Do not limit yourself with what will happen in these exams. Work with a much larger purpose
What is your routine, during exams, is important
Discipline in life is a big reason behind strong foundation
Discipline lays a strong foundation for becoming successful
I have seen two types of students appearing for exams, one who concentrate on strength and learning
I’ve observed there are two type of students. Those who concentrate on their strength and others who doubt their abilities and worry too much. Second, who doubt their abilities and worry too much
Chess maestro Viswanathan Anand joined the programme asking students to stay calm, not be over-confident but not to be pessimistic either. “If your mind is at peace you will be able to find the treasure of knowledge and exams will become much easier for you.”
This time whatever experiences people have shared with me, many have invariably mentioned about yoga
Nowadays, exams are not only of the students, but of the entire family
JK Rowling a brilliant example of how anyone can achieve success any time. She had to face many difficulties & failures
Please do not pressurize children. Keep the environment positive
Curiosity is the mother of science. Innovation is not possible without science and technology

Anand said the problems of board exam are much like the challenges we face later in life.

Modi shared his thoughts  just  before the presentation of the Union Budget 2016 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Monday.

The Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) Class 12th board exams 2016 are set to begin from March 1 till April 24, while class 10th exams will begin on March 1 and will end on March 28.

In the past, the Prime Minister through Mann Ki Baat, has shared his thoughts on a range of issues including drug addiction, farmers problems, menace of corruption, declining sex ratio, promotion of Khadi and high rate of casualties in road accidents.



Centre Ready To Discuss All Issues Of Farmers: Hardeep Singh Puri

Hardeep Singh Puri said the government is ready to talk to the farmers on every issue with an open heart.




Hardeep Puri

New Delhi: In the midst of ongoing farmer protests against three farms laws, Union Minister Hardeep Singh Puri on Monday said the Centre is willing to address “all genuine issues of the farmers”, which can be resolved through dialogue.

Speaking to ANI today, Union Minister said the government is ready to talk to the farmers on every issue with an open heart.

“Our senior leaders have invited farmers for talks and are willing to address genuine issues. I firmly hope that all their genuine demands will be considered and issues will be resolved,” Mr Puri said.

He also said farmers have been told to shift their protest to the designated place in Burari ground and whenever there will be talks, all the issues will be up for discussion.

Responding to the farmers’ organisations claim that the government was placing a condition for negotiation and it was not possible to negotiate in this manner, Mr Puri assured that the policies of the government were in the interest of the farmers and there was no condition.

“Talks are always held without preconditions or preconceived notions. I sincerely hope that the ministers will listen to all their genuine demands, they will be considered and whatever problems they have, it will be solved,” Mr Puri said.

It is worth noting that constant discussions are going on among top leadership to establish a dialogue with the protesting farmers. The Prime Minister and the Home Minister have also appealed to the farmers to withdraw the movement.

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Amid cyclones, Andhra Police lends hand to disaster management

Policemen also took boats from the Fisheries Department to reach out to stranded people and also engaged the local revenue officials to supply food.




Cyclone Nisarga

Amaravati: In the recent heavy rains, floods and very severe cyclonic storm Nivar, Andhra Pradesh Police was on the forefront to save lives, feed stranded people and bring order amid the chaos, officers said.

The state witnessed torrential downpours in October and November powered by back-to-back cyclones, resulting in almost all the water bodies overflowing, causing much trouble to the common man and farmers alike.

Amidst these conditions, police personnel from constables to Superintendents of Police were working round the clock to help people.

“We had deployed almost 1,500 people from the district force for cyclone duties. We also got one platoon of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF). We were deployed continuously for almost 72 hours,” Prakasam’s Superintendent of Police Siddharth Kaushal told IANS.

Amid incessant rain, policemen were deployed at all spots where the streams and water bodies were overflowing, at coastal villages, and to assist the district administration in evacuation.

“We assisted district administration in crowd control. At least 10 rescue operations were carried out in the district to save lives,” said Kaushal.

The SP said a special control and command post, equipped with radio communication, was set up in case mobile phones stopped working.

“Even till today (Monday) morning, we had deployed police in some places, preventing vehicles going in certain roads which were still under water,” he said.

Policemen also took boats from the Fisheries Department to reach out to stranded people and also engaged the local revenue officials to supply food.

In Nellore district, which bore the brunt of Nivar, along with Chittoor and Kadapa, three policemen carried a two-month-old baby to safety in Nellore town.

Policemen manned the Midatalavagu, a water body in spate near Kondapuram village to secure people and their movement.

They also monitored the rainwater inflows and outflows at Somasila dam where three gates were opened.

On National Highway 16 (NH 16), near Janardhan Reddy colony in Nellore, police supervised repairs to the road to prevent disruption of vehicle movement.

In similar fashion, police have also enabled the repair of a damaged bridge near Baghat Singh colony on NH 16 and also cleared many trees which were uprooted.

They also rescued two farmers from the middle of a raging water body after they were stuck there.

Not just the elements, police were also compelled to battle rumours.

On Monday, a Nellore district police official busted some rumours circulating claiming that the Kundaleru dam was breached.


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‘Cheap stunts’: Shehla Rashid reacts to her estranged father’s charges

Shehla termed her father’s statement “absolutely disgusting and baseless” and said this was his reaction after a court barred him entry into their Srinagar house on November 17 in response to a complaint filed by the family against him under domestic violence.



Shehla Rashid

Shehla Rashid, student activist and the former students’ union leader of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), on Monday denied her estranged father’s charges that she is involved in anti-national activities. Abdul Rashid Shora, in a letter to Jammu and Kashmir police chief, had also claimed there is a threat to his life from Shehla, her sister Asma and his wife Zubeda Shora as well as her security guard, according to reports.

Shehla rubbished these allegations and has instead accused her father of domestic violence. “Many of you must have come across a video of my biological father making wild allegations against me and my mum & sis. To keep it short and straight, he’s a wife-beater and an abusive, depraved man. We finally decided to act against him, and this stunt is a reaction to that,” Shehla tweeted, posting a three-page letter.

In a series of tweets, Shehla talked about her father. She said that the was not a political matter, “as it has been going on ever since I came to senses” and also tweeted a letter to him from the mohalla committee in 2005 asking him not to abuse them.

“He had never, in his wildest dreams, imagined that his obedient wife and timid daughters would ever speak up against him. Since he was restrained from entering home by the Hon’ble Court, he’s trying to derail the judicial process by resorting to cheap stunts,” she said in one of the tweets.

“One may talk endlessly about justice, but charity really does begin at home. We have finally decided to not bear abuse silently, as silence only emboldens abusers. Here’s the court order restraining him from entering home dated 17-11-2020. Anything he says is an afterthought,” she added in her last tweet.

Rashid has also demanded a probe against the non-government organisations (NGOs) run by Shehla and accused her of having accepting money to join politics in the Kashmir valley, a charge denied by her.

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