Cobrapost claims access to diaries of defence agent’s role in AgustaWestland, Rafale deals

Rafale AgustaWestland

New Delhi, Jan 31 : News portal Cobrapost on Thursday claimed that it has got exclusive access to two handwritten diaries of Sushen Mohan Gupta, said to be a defence agent, along with loose sheets containing notes and other documents which prima facie link him to both AgustaWestland and Rafale deals.

“In fact, they identify him as the kingpin of both the deals. These documents provide insight into the money trail of kickbacks. They have exhaustive notations on amounts paid to different people for defence deals and details of other businesses,” the portal said in a release.

“Corroborative and incriminating in their nature, these documents nail the agent as the mastermind who crafted the chopper scam pulling all the strings from behind the scene, using a slew of shell companies and front men. The contents of the diary show that Gupta is the defence agent for both AgustaWestland and Dassault (Rafale),” the portal said.

When confronted with a question on the diary, Gupta hung up. Cobrapost has sent him a detailed questionnaire by WhatsApp and email, which he has seen, but “we are yet to receive a response”, it said.

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