Churan Prank at ATM: It’s child’s play to fill Fake Rs 2000 notes in capital


New Delhi, February 22: Mocking up state of affairs of ATM security in the national capital, a State Bank of India Automated Teller Machine in Sangam Vihar of South Delhi dispensed fake Rs 2,000 notes of Churan Label.

The incidence proves that dodging off counterfeit currency from security net is a child’s play. The bill marks Reserve bank of India as Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank and Children Bank of India, citing that it is foul play of some miscreants.

The incident came to light when a man identified as Rohit contacted Police about the matter. Reportedly he visited SBI ATM in Sangam Vihar around 7.45pm on February 6 to withdraw Rs 8,000.

“But all the four notes I withdrew were fake,” he alleged.

A senior police confirmed the news and said that, “We sent a sub-inspector to verify the allegations. He withdrew one Rs 2,000 note and that also turned out to be fake,” while other notes in the bundle were genuine.

The fake notes had following visible differences:

  1. Bharatiya Reserve Bank is replaced by Bharatiya Manoranjan Bank, while Reserve Bank of India is replaced by Children Bank of India
  2. Instead of serial number, “000000” is marked on the bills .
  3. Rupee sign and Governor’s signature is missing.
  4. The leaf markings are stripped by Churan Lable
  5. RBI seal reads as P.K. logo
  6. The promise on the note says: I promise to pay the barer two thousand coupens
  7. Ashok emblem is skipped by Churan Lable
  8. The note is guaranteed by Children Government

While the government is high on knocking down counterfeit currency that is being pulled up enroute neigbouring countries, the ATM prank in the national capital says volumes about the security and arrangements to safeguard the money bills in the country.

Reacting on the news, SBI spokesperson said: We will send a team to investigate the matter. The police is yet to identify the miscreants and a case has been registered at Sangam Vihar police station.

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