Christians denounced Patanjali’s commercial


Patanjali’s new TV commercial urges Indians to boycott all foreign products; the advertisement portrayed the holy cross while urging about the same.

The Indian Christian Voice (ICV) on Tuesday condemned Baba Ramdev for portraying British Rule in India by using a Cross. The Christian community however, has no objections to the boycott of western products in the advertisement. The community is not happy by the use of Cross to depict British Rule in India.

ICV President Abraham Mathai told IANS that, “We strongly object to the depiction of the holy Cross, the very symbol of the Christian faith. We feel this is Baba Ramdev’s agenda of targeting a particular minority community. We demand that this commercial should be immediately withdrawn from all public domains.”
Such acts would result in increased attacks on churches and Christian institutions in India, Mathai noted.

The Indian Christian Voice (ICV) is writing to Pranab Mukharjee, PM Narendra Modi and other officials complaining about the objectionable commercial.

Patanjali’s commercial starts with a clip showcasing the ‘Swadeshi’ movement and then shows the map of India with three crosses projecting in three directions.
Between the crosses the words E, I and Co. are shown to represent the East India Company which subsequently paved the way for British colonial rule in India.

“All Indians of all communities have been living harmoniously side by side for centuries. The last thing we need is someone trying to make us a ‘one-religion’ country. Baba Ramdev and his followers would do well to understand the beauty of Indian democracy and brotherhood,” Mathai said.
The ICV president said that these actions can make them unsafe which can lead to hate attacks and extremism against the community.

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