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Chinmayanand discharged, shifted to Shahjahanpur jail



swami chinmayanand

Lucknow, Oct 1 : Hours after his bail petition was rejected by the district court in Shahjahanpur, former Union Minister Chinmayanand was discharged from the Sanjay Gandhi Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences (SGPGIMS) late on Monday night and sent back to Shahjahanpur jail.

Two days after his arrest on September 20, Chinmayanand was shifted to the hospital after he complained of high blood pressure and chest pain. Later, he complained of urinary problems.

On Monday, after he spent a week in the cardiology ward of the hospital here, the doctors said his condition was normal.

The 73-year-old leader’s bail plea was denied earlier on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, the district court in Shahjahanpur rejected the bail application of Chinmayanand and the law student who had accused him of sexual misconduct.

Chinmayanand has not been charged with rape. Instead, he has been charged under a sub-section of the rape law for “misusing authority for sexual intercourse”.

The law student too was arrested last week on extortion charges and is in jail, presently.


Economic mismanagement a tragedy, will destroy millions: Rahul Gandhi

The Congress leader has been raising the issue of economic problems Indians are facing due to the lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic.



Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi, July 7 : Reacting to a research report that Indians are worst-hit on the economic front and that 8 out of 10 rural households had lost income during the coronavirus pandemic, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday alleged that the economic mismanagement was a tragedy that was out to destroy millions.

“India”s economic mismanagement is a tragedy that is going to destroy millions of families,” he tweeted.

He said that it would no longer be accepted silently.

The Congress leader has been raising the issue of economic problems Indians are facing due to the lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic.

Rahul Gandhi was quoting research by University of Chicago and Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, which said that 80 per cent rural and 75 per cent urban households have suffered loss in income.

Congress General Secretary KC Venugopal in a statement on Tuesday said that the country lost nearly 13 crore jobs, with many states reaching unemployment figures of 40 per cent.

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May-June status can’t be new normal at LAC: Shashi Tharoor

The Congress has been targeting the government on the Chinese incursions in the Galwan Valley for quite some time.





New Delhi, July 7 : Congress leader and former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor, reacting to the disengagement at the LAC, cautioned the government that the May-June status cannot become the “new normal.”

He emphasised that status quo ante should be restored at the LAC.

“Disengagement” is welcome, but means little unless the status quo ante is restored, said Tharoor.

The Thiruvananthapuram MP said that “Otherwise we”ll yet again see both sides declare peace, with China having changed the “facts” on the ground and moved the LAC closer to where it wants.”

“The May-June status cannot become the “new normal,” added Tharoor.

Taking to Twitter, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi had asked when national interest is paramount then “why has status quo ante not been insisted on?”

He also raised questions on why was China allowed to “justify” the murder of 20 unarmed Indian soldiers in our territory? Why is there no mention of the territorial sovereignty of Galwan valley?

The Congress has been targeting the government on the Chinese incursions in the Galwan Valley for quite some time.

Indian and Chinese troops on Monday retreated two kilometres each along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in the Galwan Valley, where 20 Indians and an unknown number of Chinese soldiers were killed in a violent face-off last month.

The disengagement between India and the People”s Liberation Army (PLA) happened as per the agreed terms in the Corps Commander”s meeting.

With the retreat from both sides, a four kilometre no-man”s land has been created. “Four kilometres in the highly mountainous terrain like Galwan valley, deprives both sides from seeing each other”s installations and reinforcements,” sources said.

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No pullback of Chinese troops, materiel from Pangong Lake, Depsang




India China Border Ladakh

New Delhi, July 7 : The Indian military sees no pullback of Chinese People”s Liberation Army troops and materiel from Pangong Lake and Depsang in eastern Ladakh, sources said on Tuesday.

The disengagement of Indian and Chinese troops has happened in Galwan valley, Hot Springs and Gogra post in Ladakh sector. However, it has not been verified on the ground yet.

The disengagement started after a two-month military standoff and it is happening “as per agreed terms in the Corps Commanders” meeting”.

Sources said Chinese soldiers were seen removing tents and structures at patrolling point 14 in the Galwan valley where on June 15 Indian and PLA soldiers were engaged in brutal hand-to-hand fighting. A total of 20 Indian soldiers and an unknown number of Chinese troops were killed in the worst clash between the two armies in four decades.

As per the agreement between the Corps Commanders, a buffer zone of at least 1.5 km on both sides of the Line of Actual Control has to be created in these areas.

Sources said that in Galwan valley, the water level of the Galwan river has risen suddenly due to melting of snow, which could have forced the Chinese to move from the area faster. The Indian Army is reported to be using drones to verify Chinese movement as physical verification has been hindered by the rising waters of the Galwan river.

But at Finger 4 of Pangong lake, the most contentious issue between the two sides, sources said there was almost negligible pullback of Chinese troops with a similar situation at Depsang.

At Pangong Lake, Chinese troops have moved upto Finger 4 where they have brought over 120 vehicles and a dozen boats. The Chinese army has also opened up a new front in the area near the Depsang Bulge, a table-top plateau north of Galwan. They have built camps and deployed vehicles and troops.

The Pangong Lake is divided into 8 fingers. The mountainous spurs jutting out into the lake are referred to as fingers. India has been claiming fingers 1 to 8.

There is also an Indian post near Finger 4. India claims the entire stretch till Finger 8. The area between Finger 5 and 8 has been a matter of dispute as China also claims it. It has often witnessed confrontations.

China has made an attempt to change the status quo by putting up shelters and setting up a camp in areas that were under Indian control so far.

Military commanders from both sides are in constant touch with each other.

On Monday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said both sides were “taking effective measures to disengage and ease the situation on the border”.

“We hope India will meet China halfway and take concrete measures to carry out what both sides agreed to, continue to closely communicate through diplomatic and military channels, and work together to cool down the situation at the border,” Zhao told a news conference.

However, India remains cautious and the army and air force are on high alert.

(Sumit Kumar Singh can be reached at [email protected])


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